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STARLIGHT has Audio / Light Service and its own technical staff. These technical data sheets must be taken into consideration if the event organization wants to make its own audio service available. They contain a list of the optimal equipment and conditions necessary for the performance of the exhibition. Failure to comply with the technical requirements of the group may affect the outcome of the exhibition, if not even cause its cancellation. It is therefore the task of the event organizer to take care in time that the material available meets the requirements and, in any case, it is good to contact, or have the service contact, the management of the group through the CONTACTS form for any changes and / or downsizing of the structures.
For indoor performances, contact management for agreements.
Brands and models of microphones and effects apply as a guideline and may be replaced by the audio service with other equivalent features and qualities.
The organizer is responsible for setting up a 3x3mt gazebo in the Back Stage 1/2, covered by walls on each side and insulated from the floor with clean carpeting. Inside, a table, a mirror and 4 chairs will have to be provided, as well as a light that allows good visibility.
STAGE: will have to offer musicians a useful space of at least 20 meters x 10 meters, without holes, dips, disconnections or obstacles of any kind. A footboard is required for the battery, as long as it is no smaller than 4m x 3m and a height not exceeding 40cm and a footboard for keyboards no smaller than 3m x 2m and a height not exceeding 40cm. Each metal structure must be regularly connected to a valid grounding.
Those indicated in this sheet are the optimal measurements both of the stage and of the American ring and of the amplifier boxes. It is necessary to set up a stage with the measures indicated at a variable distance from 20 to 30 meters from the stage in front / central position. It is very important to respect the heights of both the American and the roof.
Any variation / downsizing must be previously agreed with the technical staff.


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